Be Inspired Fostering social entrepreneurship in service to Montrealers

Fostering social entrepreneurship in service to Montrealers

To mark Montreal’s anniversary, TELUS and La Ruche are partnering in support of social entrepreneurship to benefit local youth through the creation of the TELUS 375th Grants.

TELUS will donate $50,000 to support projects led by charitable and non-profit organizations seeking to launch crowdfunding campaigns through La Ruche Montréal.


Admissibility criteria

The TELUS 375th Grants will support innovative social projects through additional contributions ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 each.

To qualify, projects must be submitted in any La Ruche category and meet five criteria:

  • Be a non-profit organization (NPO) or registered charity
  • Clearly demonstrate how they contribute to the well-being of Montrealers
  • Target young people 30 and under
  • Seek a minimum of $5,000 in donations
  • Have met or exceeded their funding goal by December 15, 2017


How to submit a project

NPOs and charities can find out more about La Ruche and submit a TELUS 375th Grant admissible project by clicking here.

  • Once the project has been submitted, La Ruche Montréal will make initial contact with all project promoters to establish admissibility. If a project is not eligible for a TELUS 375th Grant, the project page will simply be transferred to La Ruche as a regular campaign, provided the promoter agrees.
  • The project is then submitted to the TELUS Selection Committee for validation of its admissibility to the TELUS 375th Grants program.
  • The promoter will then be invited to present the social project during a La Ruche Cell composed of volunteer Ambassadors who provide each project promoter with specific strategic advice to enhance the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Following these steps, the project may be posted online on the La Ruche Montréal website. Crowdfunding campaigns usually average between 35 and 60 days, based on the promoter’s targets.
  • La Ruche Montréal will help promote the project via social media and its own newsletter.
  • If the project achieves or exceeds its crowdfunding target, an additional $3,000 to $5,000 will be granted based on the project’s financial target, until the full TELUS 375th Grants budget has been spent.
    • An additional $3,000 will be granted to projects seeking between $5,000 and $9,999 in funding.
    • An additional $5,000 will be granted to projects seeking $10,000 or more in funding.


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About La Ruche

A platform for proximity crowdfunding, La Ruche combines technology with the power of local communities to provide entrepreneurs with innovative project financing opportunities. La Ruche’s innovations include its structure as a non-profit organization, the personalized guidance its Ambassadors provide, and its concept of regional proximity, which dovetails perfectly with TELUS’ community investment philosophy of giving where we live.


For more Information

Marine Groulx, Senior Manager, Community Affairs, TELUS

Sophie Reis, Co-founder and Director, La Ruche Montréal